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Learn Regular Langauge

Regular language, Finite automata , Symbol table management, error detection and recovery
25 December, 2015     
  • Regular expression is very important to understand the language. When a grammar passed by any machine means accepted by any one of the four machines like Turing, PDA it means this expression is valid.
  • We all know how TOC works Theory of Computation and this is where TOC exactly used.
  • We were able to describe identifiers by giving names to sets of letters and digits and using the language operators union, concatenation, and closure
  • This process is so useful that a notation called regular expression.
  • Here i m giving you some important points to remember :

b.2:- An LR parser will detect an error when it consults the parsing action table and finds an error entry.

b.3:-Each and every step is important for compiler phase.
addresses . A typical sequence of assembly instruction might be as follows:
   Mov a,R1
    Add #2, R1
    Mov R1, b.

This code moves the contents of the address a into R1 then adds the content2 and finally stores the result b=a+2.
These are some points to remember..

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