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Lexical Analysis : Create Tokens

What is Lexical Analysis?? How its working?? Concept of tokens ??
16 December, 2015     
  1. Lexical analyzer is divide the given sentence into meaningful string known as Tokens.
  2. Lexical Analyzer eliminates comment lines and whitespace character etc.
  3. Lexical analyzer helps to give error messages by providing line no. and column no.
  4. Lets see the structure of lexical analyzer:
  5. Here it will create / find tokens with the help of symbol table 

We use regular expressions to describe tokens of a programming language.
Find no of tokens:-

int max (i,j)
int i, j;
return i;
Ans: No of tokens: int, max, (, i, , , j, ),{, int , i, , , j, ;, return, i, ;, } .
Que:- How many tokens a+++++b??
Ans:- 1. a
           2. ++
           3. ++
           4. + 
            5. b
5 tokens but practically not possible
With these examples you can understand how to find out the tokens from program

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