Entrance Exam

Best advice to carck any Entrance exam at any Level.

1. Preparations for UGC Net/JRF Exam/IIT GATE/MCA-M.SC Entrance Exam/ SSC-CGL/GMAT/CAT/GRE/TOEFL/IELTs/IBPS PO-MT/ FCI/IIT JEE/CPT/AIEEE/ DIET any any particular examination should be done intensively.

2. After deciding the questions one should sort out their previous question papers according to the syllabus topics. If one analyses these questions, after sometime the questions are repeated in one form or the other.

3. Prepare a standard answer to the question papers of the previous years. This will also make your task easy at the examination. Like if we will try for hard questions then we can easily sort and solve medium and some kind of Level-1,2 questions . like "Badhe Hathi ko maara toh Chota toh apne aap mar Jayega".

4. Do Not miss the concepts. Questions asked are of the Masters level examination. Sometimes the questions are 'conceptual' in nature, aimed at testing one's comprehension level of the basic concepts.

5. Get a list of standard textbooks from the successful candidates, or other sources. Also try to arrange some selected good notes. The right choice of reading material is important and crucial. You should not read all types of books as told by others. It is just wastage of time and can confuse you.

6. While studying for the subjects, keep in mind that there is no scope for selective studies in EXAM. The whole syllabus must be covered thoroughly. Equal stress and weight should be given to all the sections of the examination.

7. Note that in the ultimate analysis all subjects carry exactly the same amount of maximum marks.

8. For subjects like Mathematics and Statistics and Geography maps etc, practice is very important. One should also practice other subjects and should not treat the same examination, as an "experience gathering" exercise to get a chance for attempting for mains is a great thing, which you may not get again.

9. Go through the unsolved papers of the previous papers and solve them to stimulate the atmosphere of the examination.

10. Stick to the time frame. Speed is very essence of this examination. Hence, time management is of crucial importance. Time management skills matter a lot in these Examinations. Most of the candidates appearing for the NET/GATE/CPT/PMT/CAT/GRE and equivalent exams have a lot of knowledge, but lack time management skills. Within the given time slot you should be able to present all the information/knowledge in a coherent and logical manner, as expected by the examiner.

11. For developing examination skills, keep practicing model answers while preparing for the ANY examination. This helps get into the habit of writing under time pressure in the Mains examination.

12. Sequential and systematic style of answering comes after a lot of practice and analysis of standard answers.

13. Try to stimulate the actual examination hours to judge the performance and to plug any loopholes. Try for the best , don't loose the hope and always love your Hard Work.

14. Revision of subjects is very important. The reason is that you have been preparing for months or years together. It is a human tendency to forget something after some time. Try to make a comprehensive time table to get adequate result.

15. Do not bother yourselves if you are unable to revise everything before examination. Write it legibly as it will simplify the evaluator's task and he can read the answers easily. Highlight the important points which are important. and if you are preparing for MCQ so don't ry your "Guess Theorem", It works but not always.

16. If you are an appearing candidate I would suggest starting from the beginning is best. Keep working hard untill and unless you get it.

17. Study the syllabus from the "Point Of View Of The Examiner Or Paper Setters". Suppose you were asked to prepare questions based on this syllabus what would you ask. This will get you in the right frame of mind to understand what you should pay more attention to prepare the syllabus.

18. "Solve Sample Papers" as much as you can, well that is a typical advice to any competition aspirant, I would suggest to get in to the details ( theory part) as soon as you come through the questions.

19. For UGC NET/JRF: If you are an appearing candidate, then "Try To Co-Relate The Questions From The Theory Part", Remember, it doesn't matter how much your university awards you, thing that really MATTERS is cracking a JRF, so devote as much time as possible to get into the subjects & concepts. They "Emphasize Concepts" rather than swotting first and then end up like just vomiting data out.

20. "Study The Syllabus" to identify which sections are more suitable for setting multiple choice questions, short answer questions and essay questions.

21. Understand which of the "Short Answer Questions When Put Together Can Form An Essay Question". Similarly, which essay question has specific points that may be used for short answer questions. Accurate English is necessary in many papers.

22. Improve your "Speed In Multiple Choice Questions" by taking mock tests, improve your writing skills for essay questions and short answer questions.

23. "Read, Read And Read Some More". Note down points of all that you read. Prepare mind-maps for easy revision and clear grouping of ideas. Whenever you come across impressive words, note them down and practice writing answers using those words. You need to develop a mature understanding of your subject through involved reading, deeper level processing and clear and concise writing.

24. Last and the most important,"Try to Take Expert Guidance, From People Who Are Experts Of This Field". They can make you aware about the latest trends, possible future expectations of the examination.

25. Above all be patient and believe in God and yourself.

Final World

I hope that these 25 advices will help you not just in clearing any of these exams like UGC Net/JRF Examination/IIT GATE/MCA-M.SC Entrance Exam/ SSC-CGL/ GMAT/CAT/GRE/TOEFL/IELTs/IBPS PO-MT/ FCI/IIT JEE/CPT/AIEEE/ DIET but also it will help you to clear every examination throughout your life.

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