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Chapter 1 : Getting started

Syllabus of Compter Organization

29 November, 2016     

Computer Organization's primary concern encompasses both hardware level and computer language levels. We note the design of processing unit is closely linked with the machine language instructions one would like to support.

First We starts from :

  1. Computer Evolution and Arithmetic
  2. The CPU
  3. The Control Unit
  4. Memory Organization
  5. I/O Organization
  6. Parallel Organization

See the syllabus here.

Course Objectives:
  1. Points to be noted Computer Organization is very fundamental subject of Computer Science and Engineering.
  2. how computer works??
  3. Fasting and processing of instruction??
  4. Memory mapping and Organization??
  5. I/O organization.
  6. How Single instructions executed by computer??
  7. Difference between Computer Organization and Computer Architecture??
  8. How computers designed and built?

So many things is waiting  for US...

Course Pre requisite:

  1. Digital design fundamental.
  2. C/C++ Programming.
  3. 10+2 Mathematics.
  4. Probability.

Often a computer system is viewed as consisting of several layers. Its a combination of Computer Hardware and Software.

In coming chapters, we will learn the basic of Computer Organization, Architecture, Instruction execution, Digital logic, Memory organization and many more.

So till den have fun.. Thanx.

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