Sometime it's very inspirational from where we have started and which points or goals we are looking for. This is a very taughtful journey of My website is for only Genuine Learners and who is seeking for guidance and counselling for themself. It was a static website but now its trying to become dynamic as well. Let's see the journey....

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Happy New Year 2019

01 January 2019

More than One Lakh visitors in my website right now. We are working on this portal and its getting recognition all over world. This year will come up with New Hopes and New Learnings. Happy New Year 2019.


Current Year

Started working as a Manager in SBI CARD

23 April 2018

More than One Lakh visitors in my website right now. This is the New Year 2018 gift for me. We are working on this portal and its getting recognition all over world. This year will come up with New Hopes and New Learnings. Happy New Year 2018.

New Website Upload

27 February 2018

This is 4th anniversary of We have worked hard to reach this level. This year, We have included one new section i.e Creative Section alongwith all Previous Ones. Website will help you via its All Web Plugin sections, Online Learning, Databank for all, Student Zone and Creative Sections for All Web Developers and Engineers around the world. This will continue untill 2020, that is our next target and we are working on next Phase. Till den have fun and keep visiting my website ..Thanx.

Happy New Year 2018

01 January 2018

Apprxiamate One Lakh visitors in my website right now. This is the New Year 2018 gift for me. We are working on this portal and its getting recognition all over world. This year will come up with New Hopes and New Learnings. Happy New Year 2018.


Completed 4th Year

Started Working in SBI CARD (Contractual)

16 August 2017

Started Working in SBI CARD.New job with new hopes. Working fine in SBI CARD with some sharp and talented person of my Team. Visitor crossed 60000 now. Website is growing day by day . Hope for the best till den have fun..

Get Married

30 April 2017

Get Married and Started new website design with new LYF and LYF PARTNER. New design will uplaod soon with new features of Online learning, Databank, Student Zone, All Web Plugins and CREATIVE SECTION. New website will help you to come with new ideas and skills. ALL The BEST!!

Google Approved

27 February 2017

Google's gift to my website at his 3rd Anniversary. Now I became Enterpreneur for my website. I am trying to develop a Team through which we can work together and can produce some hard core results in IT with educational service field. My main motive still same to help genuine learners and i m working on it. i have added some more new pages in my website like Educational Analysis, My Team , My website Journey, Databank of Management and Mathematics, Sitemap and SEO Online Learning. So thanx for your love and support .. till den have fun..

Happy New Year 2017

06 January 2017

ALL WEB PLUGINS New year gift to all genuine learners in IT web development field. This is the most awaited product of Get free all plugins of HTML CSS, HTML CANVAS, HTML SVG, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY , BOOTSTRAP, MATERIALIZECSS, ANGULARJS1, ANGULARJS2 and FRAMEWORK7.


Completed 3rd Year

Get Engaged

05 December 2016

Get engaged with Miss. Deepa Gupta(Agra). Crossed visitors 40000 and 15 chapters of Design and Analysis of Algorithm. Started working on Computer Organization. Working on new sections like FAQ, Questionaire, Upadated portfolio and many More.

All five Sections report

26 September 2016

30000 Visitors

01 August 2016

Started working with TIS Pvt Ltd. Another lyf changing moment was coming for me. So far my website visitors croosed 30000 and around 30 blogs on Because of Online learning content my website visited by all over world like USA, France, Japan, Australia, UK, Russia and many more.

Things getting Recognizable

13 March 2016

Uploaded 11 chapters on Materializecss Framework. I have enhaned my skills as a UI Developer like AngularJS1, Materializecss Framework , HTML SVG, HTML Canvas, Fundamentals of AngularJS2.0, jquery mobile, Gimpy Framework, Metro UI Fremework and many more things.

Happy New Year 2016

01 January 2016

Started year with new hopes and propectus . Online learning was on card and At the end of the year, we have uploaded 50 chapters so far. This time my CTO Mr. Ajay Mongia is with me and now we are working as a Team to help Genuine learners.


Completed 2nd Year

Started working with Hopeall Infotech

07 December 2015

Started working with Hopeall Infotech as a Complete Frontend Developer. Website was running good with new sections like My passion, web development, Technopedia, Who is who and many more. Another important incident related to my website was started working with Reddy Sir. Awesome Day, Awesome Time.

Started working in GM Technology

01 July 2015

Started working in GM Technology and was trying to convert my website from Static to dynamic. Still I am changing my website from static to dynamic and some portions are in dynamic Form. From the beginneing of the day, This is first time my website can easily open in Mobile because now its Responsive website on Booptstrap platform.

First 10000 Visitors

22 April 2015

So far my website had crossed 10,000 visitors and I have learnt HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Javascript and Jquery. I have learnt core PHP as well as and trying to develop my website into PHP.

Happy New Year 2015

01 January 2015

In the first anniversary of my website, I was in a mode of change not in website, Its all about my career. I had stopped working in Weblauncher and IGNOU and looking for job change in IT Field. I want to raise my standard , want to learn new technologies and working on them as well.


Completed 1st Year

29 December 2014

Founded My Substantive world of PANDAGIRI where I m free to think, free to write and its all about my sharp observation of society and its elements.

Slider Uploaded

25 December 2014

New thing : Slider was on my website, memorable day for me.

PUGS Academy

20 December 2014

Created My PUGS Academy section in which I had prepared some webpages for all students and Instructors. In 2016, This section was modified into Online Learning section. In future this section will change as per time requirement because change is the reason of living lyf.

5000 visitors

29 November 2014

Completed 5000 visitors so far. Getting so much love from all students of IGNOU and others. I had enhanced one new section i.e Student Zone.

1000 Visitors

07 June 2014

My website journey is very taughtful lesson for me. This time I had completed first 1000 visitors in my website. Though its a Static website without slider but it was containing numerous ebooks and learning contents for its visitors. My First helpful things to my genuine learnes is Databank.

Start with a small service

27 Febrauary 2014

After completing my B.Tech and IIT GATE, I had gone through so much ups and downs in my Life. Right now I was pursuing my M.Tech and already working with IGNOU and Weblauncher. I have learnt everything in Webaluncher with Ravinder Sir.


Beginning Year

Free ebooks of Infomation Security