Find out the most using and reliable Plugins of Jquery. Free Download and Free to Use.

31/05/2019 Self

Newsletter Plugin

In this plugin, You will learn how can we scroll news without using Marqueue functionality.

22/05/2019 Self

Jquery Drag and Drop

In this program, We will Drag these Elements into droppable container.

22/05/2019 Self

Multi Step Form

Multi step form with Jquery

11/05/2019 Self

Chatbox Plugin

This chatbox will give you so many names from your contact list. This is a UI design and when you click on first name, you

11/04/2019 Self and Internet

Typed Plugin

Free download Typed Js

11/03/2019 Self and Internet


In this program, We will get the converted value in respected fields.

11/02/2019 Self and Internet

EMI Calculator

In this plugin, You will calculate EMI through some Logical jquery.

11/01/2019 Self

Clickable Dropdown

Click on the button to open the dropdown menu.

11/12/2018 Self

Check All Content

Learn how to use addclass in jquery with check all content.

11/11/2018 Self and Internet

Card Hover Effect1

Card hover effect with CSS and Jquery.

11/11/2017 Self and Internet

Bouncing Ball

Bouncing ball animation with jquery.

11/11/2017 Self and Internet

Animation with jquery

Slider coming with the help of Jquery and Animation of CSS3.

11/11/2016 Self

Affix without Bootstrap

Affix Navigation with the help of jquery.

11/04/2016 Self

Repeat value dropdown

Here select value from input text and it will show you same no of items in display.

11/01/2016 Self and Internet


Responsive tab with the help of Jquery

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