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Chapter 2 : Introduction of Computer Organization

Introduction of Compter Organization and Computer Hierarchy

29 December, 2016     

A computer architect is in overall control of the design of a computer system.

The complete set of instructions supported by a computer in its hardware is called the instruction set of that machine.

  • Points to be noted Computer Organization is very fundamental subject of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • how computer works??
  • Fasting and processing of instruction??
  • Memory mapping and Organization??
  • I/O organization.
  • How Single instructions executed by computer??
  • Difference between Computer Organization and Computer Architecture??

So many things is waiting  for US...

Some important definitions are as follows:

Often a computer system is viewed as consisting of several layers.

The higher layers depend upon the facilities provided by the lower layers . such a layered view provides a functional overview of a computer complex system.

In above content we see a structure view to understand how computer is working??

In coming chapters , we have to learn the basic of Computer Organization , architecture, instruction execution, digital logic, Memory organization and many more.

So till den have fun.. Thanx.

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