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Learn Regular Language-2

Lexemes, Tokens, Pattern, Attributes for tokens and Regular definition
16 January, 2016     
Lexemes, tokens and pattern  are important.
FSA: Lexical analyzer are based on a simple computational model called the Finite State Automation. Their functionality are to accept the language with the help of machine .
In FSA, it takes the string and answer is yes if its right , and no otherwise.
This can be done by DFA and NFA. Both recognizes the regular sets.

First, we define regular expressions for tokens; Then we convert them into a DFA to get a lexical analyzer for our tokens.
Algorithm1:  Regular Expression  è  NFA è DFA  (two steps: first to NFA, then to DFA)
Algorithm2:  Regular Expression
A NFA accepts a string x, if and only if there is a path from the starting state to one of accepting states such that edge labels along this path spell out x.

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