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Recursive Decent Parser

Activation tree, Left most derivation, Right most derivation, Recursive decent parser
18 February, 2016     
To solve this question, we need to find three things :
  1. Right most derivation
  2. Left most derivation
  3. Derivation tree

Right Most Derivation derives derivation from right to left and in left most derivation, It derives from Left to right.

Types of Top down Parser:
  1. Recursive Descent Parser
  2. Non-recursive Predictive parser(LL(1))

  • Recursive descent parser use stack functionality.
  • It may goes to infinite loop if LR is not present.
  • Cant  choose right production due to Ambiguity.
  •  RDP have backtracking problem.
  • RDP always substitute Left most derivation.
  • If the given grammar is left recursive , it will go to infinite loop.
  • complexity is (2n).

How to solve or parse a given grammar through predictive parser??

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