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Its all about my journey , my experiences, my ups and down in life. Short but true autobiography. Sharing Author's experience.


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It's all about Me

My name "Sourabh" means Fragrance, means pleasant smell. I am emotional, deeply sensitive kind of person. I firmly believe that i define my self with people's happiness, it doesn't matter to me whether they are related to me or not. When all are happy it makes me happy too and if the things are not like that then i try to make things fall into right place. I always look forward to my problems and try to solve them. Irrespective of whether my problems get solved or not the very fact that at least i tried my level best to solve the and it's makes me feel good. I am a simple guy but my journey so far has taught me a number of lessons that's why today i am here and i believe one day i will achieve my goals in my life. I have learnt from my family , my teachers , my friends , the big guns like APJ Abdul Kalam, Sachin Tendulkar and many more. Since my childhood i have always enjoyed teaching related jobs but my family did not want me to pursue such a career , but finally i choose what i have always wanted to do. I believe conformance is a burden . I choose not to carry . That's Me, That's Panda..

The very first step

Thinking & Planning

My name is Sourabh but frnds call me "PANDA" and yes i m PANDA and just becoz of this PANDA giri attitude i m here. I worked really hard to get the things. I am just a simple and average person and through out my life i struggled lot and still i am struggling to bring the best out of me. People around me are good but sometimes they can't understand things but i don't care and don't mind . I am writing and explaining this just because i want and yes i m expressive, a very expressive person. . If u r in this page so u have to know about me. My main motive to designed and developed this site to work in the field of education that's ultimate goal.

U r here and if somewhere its helping u means i worked good. I feel very good if u join me as a part of my journey or my website visitor or any other way. I m a talkative kind of person hopely u already noticed that. The reason behind is that i m so alone , not so much enjoying life. If i m not wrong last 10-12 years i worked lot. I worked only for these days where i can work what i want. U know to follow ur dream, ur path its not easy thing but if u are truly working for that u will achieve that and yes destiny also played a vital role but maximum work done by us. Persons who has achieved lot like Great personalites already said follow ur dreams, dreams come true becoz nothing is bigger than ur satisfaction.



Back to last Decade

I always said to my students that my time, my this and this ..that and my students replied to me what tym sir u r not so old but they dont know i was so much behind, so much away from the world and in these years i learnt from eveything, evey single bit of time and yes lot of people helped me through out this time. I thanked them whoever has been part of my life and whoever be still with me but this is very hard true like many of them already disconnected with me and change their life patterns but in last what matter the time we spend together, that was good, beautiful, awesome and so much learning.

Third Step

Struggle and Struggle..

Before 2000, i already forgot but beginning year was 2000 when i was in class 6th and that tym i started working. Day by day passes, My work experience, my frnds, my school teachers eveyone helped me lot. My school was Ok and teacher was very good with me becoz i m good student. Actually It did not matter to me how much ur teacher's knowledge , what matter how can u extract the most relevent info from him. My tuition teacher was also good but Jitender sir was fabulous. he gave me lot of new exposure in my life and still i m praising him.

From class 6th to 9th was good but in class 10th i became so confident person because i got good marks in 10th. Nobody in our family got good result in 10th. Dadaji gave me 500 for party. This day was very good day n probably the last happiest day of life because Now i was in crucial world from Class 11 to Btech . According to me i survived just because of my Attitude.. "If u want to do , U can get it at any cost"


Building Phase

Core Hard Work Need

From class 11th from 2005- 2008 i was struggled with lot of factors but i was trying to get to comprehand the fanda's and sometimes i failed n somethimes i passed. In my Btech i learnt many things n september 2011 i was a Btech graduate but knowledge was zero. I went for higher studies, prepared for IIT GATE n in this tym , my frnds was my real mentors who told me i m PANDA just becoz of this name and this attitude my perception about many things changed and finally it also help me lot.

Honesty with myself

Positivity & Confidenece

Simultaneously, I started work for PICS, IGNOU, Weblauncher, Alliance Educare, GM Technolgy Pvt Ltd , Hopeall Infotect Pvt Ltd and Target Internet service Pvt Ltd at differet time , at different level. I m looking for true path of my life. Sometimes people said u r wrong and sometime they appreciate my work but with lot of factors i finally decide what i want to do and in which area i will pursue my career. U know after B.Tech, I have started working in a private institute named as PICS, Badarpur, Delhi. In 2012, I cleared IIT GATE EXAM with 90.36 percentile. After that, I got another job in IGNOU as a counsellor in August, 2012 and I have started teaching subjects of BCA and MCA. In IGNOU, they appreciated my hard work and they decided to promote me as a Academic Counsellor of IGNOU and recognised me as an effective Lecturer but this's not my final call for career. In 2014, I completed my M.Tech from KSOU and after that i started as Web Developer and Designer. Now i want to recognize as P-T-R[Programmer & Trainer & Reseracher]. This's ultimate goal of my Life.



I am on my Path

Currently, I am working in MNC company namely Target Internet Service Pvt Ltd as Senior Web Designer and UI Developer since August 2016. I want to learn everything which is related to Web and website. I have lot of tym means full life so i have find what i want to do in my life. My first love is teaching that is why i have started this web site for students. My keen interest is in teaching. One day i will completely transfer all content of education from this website to my PUGS ACADEMY. I believe that teaching is the best gift one can give to society and it will help me, personally, in deep understanding of different subjects. I want to explore the basics of different subjects which is the true essence of learning..

I have a good understanding of my related subjects and in-depth technical knowledge. I see a teacher as someone who can make complicated things look easy. Now, I am continuously trying to improve my technical skills, so that I will be able to help my students and my online visitors. I can enhance my Online Learning and may be in future it will be recognize as world wide product for all because as they say " SKY IS THE LIMIT".

This is the call what i want . Now i m working in IT and enjoying my work thoroughly and my own website is for teaching purpose .. Thanx till den have fun

My ultimate goals

Working & Working

Apart from developing work, I spend my time educating and inspiring students of different ages and backgrounds to become entrepreneurs. i m working in the field of IT like Website designing and development and many more. Apart from this I have another also interest in some other field like Parallel Computing , Wwb Programming, Webscripting , Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Mobile Computing, Computer Architecture and Computer Networking, Computer Organization , DBMS and many more. According to me anyone can learn the basics of computer science and develop the skills. According to me ur Hard work definetly pay off what u gave. Always remember -"Neither seek nor avoid, take whatever comes and make the most of it". I have combined my years of knowledge, wit and experience to help others. In the last i just want to say..



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